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Technology for a Better Environment

Board of Governers and Committees 2005 / 2006


1. Officers and Board of Governors

Posts Name
President Mr. T.K. Chan
President-Elect Dr. Sam C.M. Hui
Secretary Ms. Eagle C.Y. Mo
Treasurer Mr. S.L. Li
Immediate Past President Mr. Tim Cheng
Member, Board of Governors Mr. Vincent Tse
Member, Board of Governors Mr. Edward Tsui
Member, Board of Governors Mr. Victor Yiu
Member, Board of Governors Dr. Raymond Yau


2. Working Committee

Committee Member (s)
Attendance Mr. W. K. Pau
Auditing (2005-2006) to be announced
Chapter Technology Transfer Dr. Yuguo Li (Chair)
Chapter Programs Dr. Y.C. Lee (Chair)
Mainland Relations Mr. Calvin Tang Chi Hang (Chair)
CRC Action to be announced
Historian Dr. Roger C. Y. Chu (Chair)
Honors & Awards Mr. Edward Tsui (Chair)
Information Technology (IT) Mr. Paco Tang (Chair)
Mr. Alan Lam (Webmaster)
Mr. Howard But
Mr. T.H. Ip
Mr. W.T. Ip
Institutions (HK) Liaison Mr. Vincent Chu (Chair)
Membership Promotion Mr. Jacob Yiu (Chair)
Publications & Newsletter Ms. Anny Pang Sui-Man (Chair)
Publicity Mr. Edward Chan (Chair)
Reception Mr. Raymond Chiu (Chair)
Refrigeration Mr. Albert Lo Chan Kit (Chair)
Research Promotion Ms. Gambi Chiang (Chair)
Student Activities Mr. Louis Lo (Chair)
Mr. Peter Lam Yu Hung
Young Members Committee Ms. Chan Ka Ching (Chair)
Mr. Edward Chan
Ms. Juliana Lai
Mr. Anthony Lue
Mr. Travis Ting
Ms. Allison Law
Mr. Jacob Yiu
Mr. Rocky Law
Mr. Raymond Chiu
Mr. Ken Ho Hung Kit


3. Nominating Committee

Posts Name
Members Mr. Alan Lam (Chair)
Dr. Yuguo Li
Mr. Calvin Tang
Mr. Vincent Chu
Mr. Edward Chan


4. Technical Working Groups (TWG)

Posts Name
TWG (Energy) Dr. Philip Yu (Leader)
TWG (Ventilation and Health) Mr. Yuguo Li (Leader)
TWG (Humidity) Mr. J.L. Niu (Leader)
Dr. Christopher Chao (Member)
Dr. John Lin (Member)
Dr. Houace Mui (Member)
TWG (O&M of HVAC&R System) Mr. Joseph Lai (Leader)


5. Student Branches

Role Name
PolyU Student Branch Advisor Dr. Daniel W. T. Chan
CityU Student Branch Advisor Mr. Square K. F. Fong
HKU Student Branch Advisor Dr. Yuguo Li
IVE Student Branch Advisor Mr. Y. N. Au Yeung
HKUST Student Branch Advisor Dr. Christopher Chao
President of PolyU Student Branch (2005 / 2006) Mr. Michael T. T. Lam
President of PolyU Student Branch (2004 / 2005) Mr. Billy K.L. Ho
President of CityU Student Branch (2005 / 2006) Ms. Fung Man Yui, Candy
President of CityU Student Branch (2004 / 2005) Mr. Ryan Chan
President of HKU Student Branch (2005 / 2006) Mr. Tam Kai Ngai Titus
President of HKU Student Branch (2004 / 2005) Ms. Anita Ho
President of IVE Student Branch (2005 / 2006) Mr. Yam Wai Ming, Steve
President of IVE Student Branch (2004 / 2005) Mr. Howard Cheung
President of HKUST Student Branch (2005 / 2006) Mr. Wong Yat Nung, Gimble


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